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2019 Q2 Retail Index – Grocery & General Merchandise

The Grocery and General Merchandise sector is a critical component of the wider retail landscape. How did the space perform in Q2? Our latest Retail Index breaks it down.

Lululemon Makes The Case For Experiential Retail

Lululemon unveiled an exciting new concept store, but how has it performed?

Starbucks Tye Dye Magic

Starbucks launched their Tye Dye Frappuccino, but did the drink drive impact?

Prime Day Reaches New Offline Peak

Prime Day is one of the biggest online shopping events of the year, but how did it impact offline shopping? We dove into the data to find out.

Strong Gains in the Plus-Size Market

Plus-Size leaders like Lane Bryant and Torrid are driving serious traction in a rapidly growing market.

Hudson Yards Update – Has the Mega Project Sustained Interest Following an Impressive Launch?

Hudson Yards followed huge excitement with a very successful launch, but have visitors kept coming or has the momentum tapered off?

Prime Day Primer – What’s The Offline Impact of Amazon’s Online Extravaganza?

Prime Day is a huge online opportunity, but how are top brands leveraging the buzz to drive offline interest? We leveraged foot traffic data to find out.