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The Chicken Wars Victor & The Key Takeaway

The Chicken Wars pitted two top QSR brands against each other, but who came out on top? And does this battle have a future?

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – Cause for Celebration?

Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale is a key period on the retail calendar. How did this year's in-store traffic measure up?

2019 Q2 Retail Index – Home Goods & Improvement

Spring is all about renewal. Did the feeling drive impact for the Home Goods sector? Find out in our Q2 Index

The Case For Bed, Bath & Beyond

Bed, Bath & Beyond hasn't had its strongest year, but could a turnaround be coming? We dug into the data to see where the strengths and opportunities may lie.

2019 Q2 Retail Index – Grocery & General Merchandise

The Grocery and General Merchandise sector is a critical component of the wider retail landscape. How did the space perform in Q2? Our latest Retail Index breaks it down.

Lululemon Makes The Case For Experiential Retail

Lululemon unveiled an exciting new concept store, but how has it performed?

Starbucks Tye Dye Magic

Starbucks launched their Tye Dye Frappuccino, but did the drink drive impact?